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Consider Earl or Evon or Erica for your Real Estate needs. Father, Mother, and Daughter are all in the business of providing our clients with customer service to exceed your expectations.  All three of us will be talking, marketing and showing your home or we will be researching and working toward finding your new home. With us you get 3 agents, three times the coverage all working toward the common goal. We will advertise on line and in the newspapers. We make ourselves available to all potential customers and are in constant contact with our clients. We maintain a home office with a computer, scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine so we can expedite any inquiry or transaction. When on the road we can use our iPad with WIFI and Cellular capability to access Real-Estate information in real time. My background is in Manufacturing Engineering as a Project Manager. In my previous life I headed up projects, construction projects, equipment projects and renovations.   I find myself looking beyond the appearance of a home.